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McKesson Ultra Absorbent Underwear Keeps Incontinence Issues in Their Place

McKesson Ultra Absorbent Underwear

McKesson Ultra Absorbent Underwear Keeps Incontinence Issues in Their Place

Handling incontinence as an individual or as a caregiver is a challenge. Despite the number of products on the market designed to help with this issue, incontinence remains an issue to be addressed. McKesson Ultra Absorbent Underwear changes that altogether. Each pair of underwear actually feels like regular underwear instead of a diaper. It also functions just like regular underwear in that you pull it on and off. The design of this McKesson Underwear alone goes a long way, especially when caring for a parent or loved one who finds incontinence difficult to accept.

Besides being a challenge to accept as either a person or as the caregiver of a loved one dealing with incontinence, it also presents health concerns. Not having skin that’s clean and dry leads to skin issues and breakdown or urinary tract infections. But McKesson Ultra Absorbent Underwear keeps the wearer dry and feeling good. This is thanks in part to an absorbent dual core that locks away wetness and reduces wetness overall.

Careway Club sells McKesson Ultra Absorbent Underwear by the bag and by the case in sizes small to 2XL at an affordable price with fast shipping. If you’re struggling to find a solution to incontinence issues for an individual, try McKesson’s Ultra Absorbent Underwear.

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  • McKesson Underwear
  • Ultra Absorbency
  • Unisex
  • Soft, cloth-like breathable material provides discreet comfort and promotes drier, healthier skin.
  • Inner leg cuffs provide added leak protection.
  • Premium acquisition layer rapidly absorbs fluid into the core.
  • Comfort stretch waist helps obtain the perfect fit.
  • Advanced dual-core performance locks wetness away and reduces pH of urine for improved odor control and skin wellness.
  • Easy on/off functionality; pulls on and off like regular underwear.
  • Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex.
  • Packaged: 12 Per Bag, 4 Bags Per Case

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