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Skin Care Products – Part 3

Skin Care Products -Part 3 covers TENA’s® innovative incontinence Pad that was developed to address skin care Although this product is not a Cleansing Cream or Washcloth, both of which are true skin care products, I have chosen to discuss the features of this new pad today while skin care is fresh in our minds. Also, I will remind you again that TENAclub has agreed to offer you a 10% additional discount on any products featured in my blog. The name of this innovative incontinence pad is INTIMATES and it has been designed not only to keep you dry, but also to keep your skin healthy.


So, let’s talk about TENA® INTIMATES – this new incontinence pad was created using ProSkin Technology…a technology that is focused on one’s skin health. It was this innovative technology that brought forth a new, fast absorbing incontinence pad that keeps you feeling intimately fresh and clean, without sacrificing any of TENA’s® well known Triple Protection features.


Let’s review the anatomy of the SKIN.   In the illustration below, I want you to view the outer most layer of skin called the epidermis. This is the component of skin that provides a waterproof barrier which protects the deeper portions of the skin.  If the epidermis is sacrificed in the delicate perineal area, one becomes susceptible to inflammation in the affected area. Therefore, by quickly absorbing fluid before it has a chance to attack the skin in that area, which the INTIMATES PAD does, is a welcomed feature for those who have sensitive or compromised skin.


In an earlier blog, I stressed why TENA® Cleansing Creams and TENA® Wipes should be used routinely for optimum continence care. Now we are looking at an incontinence pad, that when worn, can quickly wick fluid away from the skin helping to maintain the skin’s natural protection. It becomes obvious that the use of INTIMATES pads plus the routine use of Cleansing Creams and Wipes is a combination of products that should be tried and evaluated for yourself or for a loved one.

Take advantage of the extra 10% discount and order INTIMATES Pads today.  If you are not already using them, try them, and make a comparison…you might find that this may be the best solution for keeping your skin healthy.

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