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TENA Serenity Very Light Liners Regular is for very light absorbency needs, such as losing a few drops of urine while laughing, coughing, sneezing or straining as well as minor leakage during or after pregnancy.



TENA Serenity Very Light Liner Regular

Formerly TENA® Serenity™ ACTIVE Liners Regular

Many things can trigger the Unexpected Leak™ – pregnancy, childbirth, prescription drugs. Even laughing, coughing or yes, the natural part of aging. TENA® Serenity® Very Light Liners are designed for those very light leaks, but they’ll protect you better than a regular feminine protection pantiliner so you stay dry no matter what.


  • Specially designed to protect active women with light leaks
  • Incredibly thin and discreet for everyday use
  • OdaSorb Plus™, pH-balanced system to help prevent odors
  • Gentle, skin-soft top sheet to keep you feeling fresh and dry
  • DRY-FAST CORE™ with super absorbent technology
  • Adhesive strip for security
  • Individually wrapped
  • Length = 8″
  • Packaging may vary

Packaging Available:

  • TENA Serenity Very Light Liner Regular – Length=8”      56300         6 Pkgs of 26 Pcs/Case

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1 pack (26 ct), 1 case (156 ct)





2 reviews for TENA Serenity Very Light Liners Regular

  1. Marjorie Kramer (verified owner)

    Love these Tena very light liners. I have minimal leakage…these give me added assurance and prevent odor.
    Not only can I get these from Careway club but at a better price…and I received them within 36 hours of ordering

  2. enid pugh (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Once I started using Tena I told my female friends how much better in comfort and less leakage they were. Very satisfied customer.

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